IP4Teen is an EU funded project that seeks to raise awareness among European teenagers on the value of intellectual property as well as on the risks associated to piracy and the purchase of counterfeits.

For this purpose, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will be developed. This MOOC targets both high school school teachers as well as students of students from the Master for secondary education teachers. The MOOC will be composed of 6 modules:

  • IP basics
  • IP in the economy
  • IP and fashion
  • IP and social media
  • IP and electronic devices
  • IP and digital platforms

Once current and future teachers have successfully completed this MOOC, they will be able to use the content of the course and apply it in the classroom, which will enable high school students to: 

  • Understand the importance to protect the results stemming from a personal investment in creativity and innovation, as well as the need to protect and respect the creativity of others.
  • Acknowledge the value of originals and of legal sources of digital content.  
  • Identify the risks associated to piracy and counterfeits.